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In the rapidly changing domain of STEM, the demand for skills that would match the needs of modern society goes beyond traditional technical competencies, or hard skills. With the advent of automation, Al, ever upgraded algorithms and systematisation, hard skills are no longer crucial commodity.

What sets apart a worker of the future are skills that cannot be performed by Al? Here we refer to them as 21st century skill - high order skills that have been pinpointed as skills of future by many major bodies such as OECD, UNESCO, EU. These include emotional intelligence, resilience, positive attitude, mindfulness, self-management, etc. These skills are often not taught in schools and universities explicitly, rather some subjects may touch upon them implicitly.

This is the tradition that the BE-21-SKILLED project (Building an Ecosystem for 21st Century Skills Education in STEM) is trying to tear down. By creating tools that can be easily integrated into lesson plans, BE-21-SKILLED aims to systematically add 21st century skills on the radar of higher education institutions, in particular those in the STEM fields. The beauty of the tools is that they can be applied in other disciplines, thus replication potential is enormous.

The Toolkit heavily relies on extensive research carried out in the previous stages of the project.

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