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Designed to equip HEI STEM educators with the tools and understanding necessary to integrate 21st Century Skills (21CS) into their teaching practices. This program is tailored for educators who are keen to develop and enhance their teaching strategies, ensuring that their students are equipped with 21st century skill competences, providing a competitive edge in their future careers. Across 6 modules, we ensure that HEI STEM teachers increase their knowledge and teaching competences in the essential skills needed in our fast changing and interconnected world. Each module focuses on different aspects of 21CS:
Module 1. 21st Century Skills in a Nutshell: An overview of the essential skills for the modern workforce.
Module 2. Employer Perspective, European Skills Panorama, Key Industry Trends: Insights into what skills employers value most.
Module 3. The Role of Regional Skills Councils and External Collaboration: How these councils and collaborations can enhance skill integration.
Module 4. Innovative Pedagogical Practices to Boost Relevant 21CS in Students: Strategies to teach and reinforce 21CS effectively.
Module 5. 21CS Integration into Curriculum: Methods for embedding these skills into your courses.
Module 6. Elevate 21CS in STEM Teaching: Advanced techniques for enhancing the teaching and application of 21CS.
Educators are free to select and customise a learning path through these modules based on their specific interests and the unique needs of their regional contexts and student profiles. This flexibility ensures that our program is scalable across different regions, fostering an adaptable and comprehensive approach to skill development.

Introduction to Module 1 - 21st Century Skills in a Nutshell

Endorsed By Hei Stem Educators

Did you know that we tested BE-21-SKILLED Teacher Empowerment Program with a 5-day in-person and hybrid training in RIGAS TEHNISKA UNIVERSITATE, Latvia from 21- 23rd November 2023,  followed by  two-day self-paced online learning.   This hybrid professional development event brought together teachers from RIGAS TEHNISKA UNIVERSITATE (in-person) and UNIVERZITET U BEOGRADU (online) to jointly explore and master 21st Century Skills.

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