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Well-rounded 21st century skills are vital in tackling an uncertain future and aiding Europe to be more resilient and respond to the challenges caused by growing globalisation, internationalisation, shift to the knowledge-based economy and rapid technological development. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduates are often reported to lack 21st century skills by employers, which in turn prevents them from innovating, developing, and adapting in uncertain, volatile times.

The European Skills Panorama details 21st century skills, which the labour market looks for in recent STEM graduates, based on Europe-wide employer survey. The report aims at demarcating the current state of affairs with respect to the 21st century skills needs, challenges and opportunities, as well as pinpointing the challenges in current pedagogical approaches to teaching 21st century skills. Importantly, the European Skill Panorama Report informs European universities of the areas for priority action to improve teaching and development of 21st century skills. It also provides useful information for students, employers, employees and policy makers on the labour market demands needed to develop skills development strategies at all levels. The report covers all European countries, with particular focus on Latvia and Serbia.

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