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This cluster encompasses a range of interrelated abilities, including adaptability, agility, coping with uncertainty, flexibility, perspective-taking, cognitive flexibility, resilience, stress resistance, and stress tolerance (Līce, et al., 2023).

The current employment landscape is characterized by boundaries between roles, organisations, and industries. Individuals frequently navigate careers involving diverse positions and contexts, emphasising the significance of adapting to change and embracing continuous learning as central competencies within the labour market. This dynamic environment demands permanent self-adjustment and the capability to manage shifting contexts effectively (Līce, 2019 as cited in Līce, et al., 2023)

Furthermore, adopting a flexible and proactive viewpoint towards work enhances an individual's capacity to capitalize on a broader spectrum of opportunities. This readiness to accommodate various changes opens doors to roles demanding additional skill acquisition (Wittekind et al., 2010 as cited in Līce, et al., 2023). In the constantly changing landscape of STEM, individuals who master the art of adaptability, resilience, and stress resistance stand equipped to navigate change, uncertainty, and challenges, thus enhancing their potential to succeed within this dynamic field.

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