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The Regional Skill Councils Blueprint report aims to facilitate the understanding and identification and development of 21st century skills in region-specific and labour-market relevant contexts through multi-stakeholder collaborative efforts. The report details the modalities and aspects of setting up a successful diverse multi-stakeholder constellation tasked with assessing and developing the 21st century skills guided by the labour market needs, technology trends and any differences stemming from gender.

The report consists of the following main chapters:

  • The first chapter describes criteria for engaged and entrepreneurial universities as a favourable environment for 21st century skills development.
  • The second chapter describes the theoretical framework for various stakeholder engagement strategies and approaches, based on the scientific literature review.
  • The third chapter describes the existing national experience and mechanisms for stakeholder engagement in Latvia and Serbia - the countries in which the results of the project will be piloted. It also summarises the conclusions from the stakeholder interviews, including on suggested improvements.
  • A proposal for stakeholder engagement blueprint, detailing the stakeholder engagement model, main mechanisms and responsibilities, is described in the fourth chapter.
  • The main conclusions, references and annexes are added at the end of the report, but the executive summary – in the beginning of the report.
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