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In May 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark, hosted an important meeting for the Be21Skilled project, organized by the European E-Learning Institute. This meeting brought together representatives from Riga Technical University, ACEEU, University of Belgrade, Momentum, and the host institution, EUEI.

The primary focus of the meeting was the development of the PR2 skills and tools, with an eye towards the future PR3 for teacher training and the creation of the eCompass included in PR4. All the progress made was aligned with the project's overarching goal of stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices to develop 21st-century skills in STEM students, enabling them to better respond to labour market demands.

The partners collaborated efficiently and made promising progress across all aspects of the project. Communication and teamwork were central to the meeting, with each partner providing valuable and insightful contributions. Breakthroughs were achieved in refining the skills and tools incorporated in PR2. Additionally, plans were formulated for delivering teacher training at Riga University, and the group discussed and developed visuals for the eCompass.

While in Copenhagen, the partners took the opportunity to immerse themselves in the city's vibrant culture and enjoy the favorable weather. Some visited the iconic Little Mermaid, while others explored the picturesque Nyhavn Canal. As a group, they enjoyed the local cuisine, after a productive day of meetings.

In summary, the Be21Skilled project meeting in Copenhagen was a testament to collaboration, innovation, and cultural exchange. It represented a significant milestone in the journey toward transforming the 21st-century workforce and fostering the development of essential skills for the future.

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