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Project Partners

University of Belgrade (UB) is the oldest research intensive university in Serbia and the largest in this part of Europe with almost 100,000 students. At the same it is the only university of the national significance according to the Serbian Law on a higher education. Founded in 1808, it consists of 31 faculties and 11 research institutes. It provides education in sciences and mathematics, technology and engineering sciences, medical sciences, social sciences and humanities. UB is the member of the European University Alliance CircleU and CESAER, association of leading STEM universities. UB is among first 500 universities according ARWU ranking.

Prof. Dr.Nenad Zrnić
 Project Lead
Prof. Dr. Siniša Đurašević
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Žarko Mišković
 Research Ass. Prof. Dr. Sanja Savić
Elīna Gaile-Sarkane
Project manager and lead researcher
Inga Lapiņa
Project manager and lead researcher

The Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management (FEEM) is one of the nine faculties of Riga Technical University (RTU) and is constantly evolving and expanding. FEEM is the largest faculty of RTU, where more than 3,500 students obtain higher education in various fields of management, administration, economy, security, technology, systems, and industry management. The faculty is represented in the world’s largest innovation and technology networks, it participates in the work of various professional associations. By ensuring the quality of research and study programs and compliance with labour market requirements, the faculty has established successful long-term cooperation with companies, industry associations, and state organizations, as well as multilateral cooperation with foreign universities and international institutions.

Zane Circāne, Project Administrator
Anita Līce, Researcher -
Līga Kamola, Researcher -

The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) is the only globally-operating quality assurance body with a focus on acknowledging engagement and entrepreneurship in Higher Education. As such, ACEEU strives to lead the way in a new era for higher education through evaluating, supporting and igniting the potential of HEIs on their road to third mission excellence.

Adisa Ejubovic
Project Lead
Orla Casey
Project Lead

Award winning educators, Momentum develop innovative curricula and education impact strategies for many of Ireland’s top HEI’s to boost university-industry collaborations and fill key labour market skills gaps.   On a European level, they work with over 50 leading HEI education partners. Momentum currently employs a team of 30 education, research and innovation staff and their educational reach is extended to over 5,000 lifelong learners per year.  A key part of Momentum’s work to support other educators to navigate the twin green and digital transitions in education and industry.

Learning for a more inclusive, digital Europe

The European E-learning Institute (EUEI) is committed to providing high-quality learning experiences and innovative educational programmes which engage learners from a range of sectors and socio-economic backgrounds. EUEI is committed to promoting social cohesion, inclusion and sustainability across Europe.

About EUEI

Our experienced team of trainers, researchers and technical experts are uniquely placed to guide educators from VET, HEI, Adult and Youth sectors to harness the opportunities that innovative and collaborative e-learning and digital tools offer for learners.

We specialise in delivering high quality, responsive and innovative projects to educators and learners in the topics of pedagogic approaches, entrepreneurial competences, digital skills, inclusion and sustainability."

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