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How can you improve your region? The Be 21 Skilled project can help you find out!

Improve Your Region

Welcome to the "Improve Your Region" section of the BE-21-SKILLED project website! This platform is dedicated to empowering regions across Europe by equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to foster 21st-century skills in STEM education. Here, you'll find valuable resources designed to help regional stakeholders collaborate effectively and address the unique challenges and opportunities within their local labor markets. Explore our key resources below to learn how we can work together to build a brighter, more resilient future.

Regional Skills Councils Blueprint

The Regional Skill Councils Blueprint report is a comprehensive guide aimed at facilitating the understanding, identification, and development of 21st-century skills in region-specific and labor-market relevant contexts. Through multi-stakeholder collaborative efforts, this report outlines the methods and strategies for establishing a diverse and effective multi-stakeholder group. These councils are tasked with assessing and developing essential 21st-century skills that align with labor market needs, technological trends, and gender-specific considerations. Dive into the Blueprint to discover how your region can set up a successful council to meet these evolving demands.

European Skills Panorama

The European Skills Panorama provides a detailed overview of the critical 21st-century skills needed to tackle an uncertain future and enhance Europe's resilience. As globalization, internationalization, and the shift to a knowledge-based economy accelerate, well-rounded 21st-century skills become increasingly vital. Despite their technical expertise, STEM graduates often lack these crucial skills, which hampers their ability to innovate and adapt in volatile environments. The Skills Panorama highlights the importance of these skills and offers insights into bridging the gap between current education outcomes and labor market expectations.

21st Century Skills Toolkit - Skills for the STEM Future of Europe and Beyond

In today's rapidly evolving STEM landscape, traditional technical competencies, or hard skills, are no longer sufficient. The 21st Century Skills Toolkit addresses the growing need for skills that transcend automation, AI, and systematization—skills that AI cannot replicate. These include emotional intelligence, resilience, positive attitude, mindfulness, self-management, and more. Recognized by major organizations such as OECD, UNESCO, and the EU, these high-order skills are essential for the workforce of the future.

The BE-21-SKILLED project aims to break the tradition of implicitly teaching these skills by creating tools that can be seamlessly integrated into lesson plans. Our goal is to make 21st-century skills a systematic part of higher education, particularly in STEM fields. The versatility of these tools allows for their application across various disciplines, amplifying their impact. The Toolkit is grounded in extensive research conducted during earlier stages of the project, ensuring its effectiveness and relevance.

We invite you to explore these resources and join us in building an ecosystem that nurtures 21st-century skills, enhancing the employability and adaptability of STEM graduates across Europe. Together, we can create a future-ready workforce equipped to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

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